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When it comes to organizing a special event, gathering the necessary information is top priority. Now throw the confusion of a subject that not everyone is well versed in…such as electric. People speak in amps, watts, volts. It’s a mixed bag. What about the million different electrical plug configurations? How does the event organizer get their arms around event electrical when they have an event to run???


For the Event Vendor.

If you’re an event vendor; the people who sell food / beverage, perhaps you exhibit at special events with a laptop and monitor. Maybe you sell machinery and have unique power requirements for your machine.

Event Tiger gathers your contact information then gives you the opportunity to input what equipment you are bringing to events. Using easy drop down menus, Event Tiger makes this portion of the task quick by having lots of popular items ready for you to click on. Then, Event Tiger tames the confusion by showing you a series of electrical plugs to choose from and link to your devices or appliances you bring to events. This helps the event producer prepare better for your arrival at the special event!

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For the Event Producer.

So you’re a event producer? You’re the one who organizes or maybe owns the event.

Good news for you is, you get to let Event Tiger do the normally chaotic task of gathering the electrical information from vendors. No more trying to decipher the confusion of “electrical speak”. Vendors simply tell you what they are bringing and what the power requirements are for each device. This helps you control your event electrical costs but also hold your vendors accountable to bring only items that they said they would bring. It can also help avoid electrical problems during the event by not overloading your event electrical grid. Event producers are able to watch the progress of their vendors assigned to their event by logging into Event Tiger as well and have a front seat to the progress of their vendors.  

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Want to be a subscriber?

Subscribers are typically rental companies but can also be event producers.

Subscribers pay a single yearly subscription that allows them access to all Event tiger has to offer. It’s a great way to differentiate from the competition as well. Event Tiger makes the subscribers job simpler too by handing over useful information from the event producer. No more emailing or texting photos of plugs. Keep all the information secure for years to come in Event Tiger!  

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